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The Slow…Walkers who “ENJOY” the Moment!


OUR GOAL...is to start out slow and then "SLOW DOWN!"
OUR GOAL…is to start out slow and then “SLOW DOWN!”

Welcome to the official “Camino Pilgrim Snail Gang!” 

Almost everyone is welcome? Sorry you pilgrims, who walk 30k plus a day, are not welcome! However, we will consider you if you take a sworn oath…”TO SLOW DOWN! “



Should you decide to accept…. Is to walk slowly and enjoy the moment! So simple?…ya, right!


Our goal....and we have decided to accept!
Our goal….and we have decided to accept!


Oh yes, if you don’t follow these you will be severely punished. You will be forced to walk 40k a day with those speedy people who see the roses but don’t smell them. I know, that will be pure torture, but there will be a lesson in all this! Who knows, they may want to become one of us?


During our journey, we are not allowed to listen to our iPod’s this will only distract us from our purpose of concentrate on the moment, save that for when you rest at the albergue’s.  Of course, using you cell phone is out of the question. Swearing is allowed but only when you’re talking to yourself. You may visit your past but not allowed to live there.


The whole idea is to dump the baggage from the past. A promise comes with this…your backpack will feel lighter. Living in the moment can and will be a pain-less time in our journey. Living in the future; this only causes anxiety, we will not worry about tomorrow or where we may sleep for the night, the Camino magically provides. Plan for tomorrow but remember, don’t live their!  If we get tired “STOP” and reflect on all we have to be grateful for!


For the Camino there are no rules, you can’t do this WRONG!  If you can do only part of the Camino because of time or psychical problems it’s OK! If you have to ship your backpack ahead or take a bus to the next town, it’s alright.  There are no failures on the Camino. The gifts the Camino will come.


My greatest lesson was to become microwave-less, I don’t need everything now! My normal behavior was pushing myself to the limit and go a little bit more; I was wrong, to live that way! Living in the moment…. I discovered, has no beginning or end…. my Camino lesson!



One day as I was struggling after I realized I took the wrong path (which always turned out snale to be the right one… for me) I saw no one for five hours and suddenly two Pilgrims appeared, It was  Eddie and Esther Perkins from Las Vegas. I told them I was the official Mr.T (turtle) on the Camino.  He quickly informed me he was Mr. T (turtle) because he walked so slowly.  Well a few days later I ran into him again, he slowly (very slowly) passed me. So I asked him “What is slower than a turtle?” He hesitated and said “A snail.” So Mr. Snail was born!


I think we will have fun with this Blog. I would love to hear from you, on what other fun rules we should have and what your Camino experience was to you and did it change your life? Try to keep it to a paragraph or two. jim mux  I love this life….Jim It has been brought to my attention that we should give a trophy to the slowest pilgrim.  So we will have an annual event to present this award. However (since we are so slow) it may take 10 years for it to happen?